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We want to thank you for stoping by and check our privacy policy page. To be honest we would never tought that you or anyone would be here checking out the privacy page of a junk removal website, Well then since you really are here we will assume that you do take your online privacy serious as we do our selves. We will not sell, rent or share your personal information you provide to us on our website with no one other than our business partners and to ask you to review our services to better serve our community. FYI Please know that on our website there will be outgoing links that when you do click on any of those links you will then be taken to other websites. Please do check their privacy policy page as theirs will differ from ours. Also know that our website is not intended to be used by minors. Please relax now that you know that with us your personal information is protected to the best of our ability. And would like to establish a relationship with you (our customer) one that will last a lifetime based on privacy and trust.

Last updated 08-01-2022
St Paul Junk Removal
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