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Our junk removal service was founded over a decade ago with the idea of making it easier and cheaper for home and business owners to get the junk off their properties. The plan was that we would remove the junk and then make sure that they were recycled and disposed of correctly so that they didn’t end up in landfills.

Fast forward to today, and we are the top-rated junk removal service in Minnesota, with a few dozen employees and hundreds of satisfied clients. However, we continue to remove junk the old-fashioned way, i.e., cater to one customer at a time and make sure that they get our full attention. Furthermore, we provide fair upfront pricing, and you can call us even 30 minutes before having to get the junk removed, and we’ll handle it.

The Early Days of Our Junk Removal Service

Not many years ago, our junk removal service started with a dream to create a service that was meaningful. We started out with a beat-up cargo van and the idea of removing junk of all types. So, as long as the junk was not toxic, we’d remove it!

We grew exponentially, especially after home and business owners realize just how easy we made junk removal for them. If anything, they could pick up the phone and order us to remove everything from a recently vacant property or one that was recently renovated. We soon became the service of choice because we continue to care for our clients.

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